Bored of the same boardroom lunch

Bored of the same boardroom lunch

Are you bored of hygiene risky cold pies & sausage rolls delivered as close as possible to eating time giving you no flexibility! Do you want to impress a client or make your staff feel they are worth more than cheap processed food? Full of packaged items that have no nutritional value and just puts everyone to sleep!

Sick of being served low quality food

Well look no further. We use fresh seasonal ingredients to produce artisan style grazing platters with homemade dips and jams recognizing the need for all food requirements. As much as possible is handmade, local produce with love and it shows! The beauty of our grazing platters and tables is that there is something for everyone, for all dietary requirements and they look deliciously abundant.

Add some amazing style for something different

The humble antipasto, cheese platter, fruit and sweets has been given a dramatic makeover. We love assembling high quality produce into beautiful, mouth-watering grazing platters. We work hard to find the best seasonal produce to assemble a unique grazing platters and tables for your event. We enjoy connecting the style of our grazing tables to the individual settings, clients and concepts. we are continually rethinking and reviewing to keep our ideas fresh. Grazing platters and tables are an excellent option for product launches.

Some platters to start

  • Platter with seafood & deli meats Small $90 Large $120
  • Platter with deli meats only Small $82 Large $110
  • Platter vegetarian Small $70 Large $90
  • Platter with fresh & dried Fruit, dipping chocolate & mini cakes Small $90 Large $120
  • Platter with fresh and dried Fruit with dipping chocolate Small $82 Large $110
  • Platter fresh and dried Fruit only Small $70 Large $90
  • On site styling is a separate cost.

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