Creating Excellent Canapé menus

Gourment finger food party catering Adelaide

If you’re not sure ask us


We are asked to create all different styles of menus, We will take the time to work with our guests to ensure the menu will meet their expectations and provide the variety required to ensure all guest are able to enjoy a selection of beautiful and delicious canapés.


Gourment Canapé catering Adelaide

How many canapés to have


The following points are just guides to help decide on the number of items;


Light lunch - 6 Pieces

Normal Lunch with alcohol served - 8 pieces

After work cocktails - 5 pieces

Evening meal - 9 pieces

Evening celebration over 3 hours with alcohol served - 13- pieces

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Special dietary requirements


As the number of items to be served increase, it becomes easier to create menus that meet every bodies dietary requirements. Guest with dietary requirements always appreciate serving staff that know the food and when there is more than 1 item that they can eat.

Delicuious fingerfood catering in Adelaide

Mixing it up


Generally mixing it up the menu to make sure everybody enjoys the menu and the presentation of the canapés matches the style of the event.


Keep some of the food simple. Most people, especially seniors, are not over adventurous with food


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