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Gourment catering Adelaide

Beautifully presented


The Small Food Caterers provide some of the finest catering Adelaide has to offer.


Our reputation is built on providing beautifully presented, delicious food, delivered by pleasant, flexible staff, in a manner second to none.

Gourment catering Adelaide

Customised canapes


We provide a personalised service resulting in a gourmet menu that is tailored to compliment your special event. We can easily provide cocktail, formal dining and gourmet BBQ menus.

Gourment catering Adelaide

Meeting your needs


The Small Food Caterers are committed to meeting the needs of guests who have dietary restrictions. All menus can be customised to ensure the special dietary requirements of your guests are met.


Ask us, you will be surprised at what we can do.

High Quality and Great Value Finger Food Menus and Packages

Finger food Catering

Price Guide


6 canape selections

$24 per person +GST

minimum of 3 cold selections


8 canape selections

$28.50 per person +GST

minimum of 3 cold selections


10 canape selections

$35.00 per person +GST

minimum of 4 cold selections


Prices based on;

Minimum of 40 guests

Travel within 30km from CBD.

Includes our chefs on site

Includes serving equipment

Assumes use of at least a domestic kitchen


Additional charges for

Food and Drinks staff are $37 per hour +GST with a minimum of 3 hours

All substantial additional equipment

To be confirmed in a formal quote based upon our availability

A 20% deposit is required to secure your function date.



Canape menu items


Classic French style canapés

Small Food Caterers


Saffron roulade with dill cream and salmon roe. (v)


Caramelised onion, blue butter tarts with truffle honey. (v)


South Australian mullet with pickled lemon butter sauce (when available) (g/f)


Duck breast and Asian micro-greens with hoisin sauce in a kataifi cup


Double-baked cheese soufflé with pear and walnut praline (v)


Smoked salmon blini with dill cream


Chicken and bacon roulade with sundried tomato cream and tomato crisp (g/f)


Scallop and beurre blanc sauce tart with cauliflower cream and caper


Pumpkin, fetta and spinach paper bag quiche (v)


Creamed spinach pastry cones with toasted almonds and nutmeg (v)


Leek, beetroot and goat's curd tart with clementine and honey syrup (v)


Kataifi wrapped prawns with citrus mayonnaise


Diced roast lamb with minted crème fraîche in cucumber cup (g/f)


Apple, cheddar and rosemary crusted paper bag quiche (v)


Brochette with tomato salsa and basil cashew pesto (v)


Cured ocean trout tart with cucumber and horseradish


Vegetable frittata dressed with hummus and black olive (g/f & v)


Pâté on gingerbread with spiced pineapple puree


Grilled zucchini with goat's cheese rolls (g/f, v)


Mini rhubarb crumble tart (v)


Old Favourite canapés

Small Food Caterers


Vietnamese vegetarian rice paper rolls (g/f, v, va, d/f)


Prawn, roasted capsicum & pesto mini pizza


Peking duck crêpe with hoisin sauce, cucumber and spring onions


Beef and potato cocktail pies


Chicken and feta pillows with quince paste and walnut


Pork and fennel rolls with peppered pear paste and dried apple


Vegetarian samosas with fresh green chutney


Peppered beef and cabernet pie


Chicken, leek and tarragon white wine cream pie


Southern style crumbed winglets (g/f)


Assorted sushi (g/f, v, va, d/f)


Empanadas - Beef, sundried tomato, raisin and olive pastry


Crusted Cajun lamb meat balls with BBQ dipping sauce (g/f)


Thai fish cake with sweet chili sauce (g/f)


Roast beef and horseradish cream on croûtons


Devils on horseback - prune and camembert wrapped in bacon (g/f)


Brie and caramelised fig with prosciutto on cracker


Smoked salmon and ricotta on brochette with capers and watercress


Blueberry cheesecake with peppermint cream (v)


Double Jamaican chocolate mud cake (g/f, v)


BBQ Canapés

Small Food Caterers


Portuguese style prawn shashlik (g/f, d/f)


Pecan stuffed mushrooms (g/f, v, va, d/f)


Brazilian bacon and beef kebabs (g/f, d/f)


Mix vegetables and haloumi cheese kebabs (g/f, v)


Mini beef filet mignon with red wine, topped with onion confit (g/f, d/f)


Lamb cocktail shashlik crusted with rosemary, thyme and sage (g/f, d/f)


Borrachos - Grill prawn shashlik marinated in pilsner, lime, salt and pepper (d/f)


Chorizo, button mushroom and pepper kebab (g/f, d/f)


Salmon with avocado and grapefruit cocktail shashlik. (g/f)


Greek lamb koftas, with tazatziki, mint & lemon (g/f)


Rosemary crusted eggplant and tofu shashlik (g/f, v, va, d/f)


Veal cocktail shashlik with a Mediterranean and parmesan crust (g/f)


Thai beef shashlik with spicy peanut sauce (g/f, d/f)


Tikka Boti - ground beef and papaya koftas (g/f)


Anticuchos de pollo - grill chicken shashlik with mango, chili spicy BBQ sauce (g/f)


Maekjeok -Korean Doenjang pork skewers (g/f)


Chicken and Turkish figs (g/f,d/f)


Coconut prawn shashlik with sweet chili (g/f)


Mini pancake stacks with jam and maple infused double whipped cream (v)


Lightly grilled fruit skewers with double whipped vanilla cream (v)


Substantial canapés

Small Food Caterers


Fork and Talks (Bowls)


Classic Indian butter chicken with rice (g/f)


Lamb korma curry with rice, mango chutney and yogurt (g/f)


Poached Atlantic salmon in French butter sauce on sweet potato cream (g/f)


Mushroom and parmesan risotto (g/f, v)


South African bobotie


Mexican flan & mole -corn savoury custard, chipotle sauce and almond cinnamon relish (v)




Pulled pork sliders with Japanese slaw


Southern style chicken slider with pineapple and slaw


Peking duck sliders with hoisin sauce and wombok salad


Shredded beef and diced prawn with stir fried Asian greens and oyster sauce


Crusty spiced eggplant with carrot and Mersey Valley cheese and Moroccan jam (v)


Soft Shell Taco


Shredded lamb, tequila and chilies with guacamole


Lemon and paprika chicken with orange & lime salsa


Ground beef with chunky chili bean, capsicum and tomato salsa


Other Substantial canapé options


Frenched lamb cutlets crusted with rosemary thyme and sage (g/f)


Gourmet cheese platters



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Phone: 0417836909






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